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Refund Policy

First, thanks to you because you choose Tentaz for shopping. We believe in Quality service & products. Whatever, if you are unhappy after buying any product from our website, then we are here to help you. Let’s talk about our refund policy:


We declare within 30 days cash back 

Our commitment is within 30 days money-back policy on our all digital products and services. When you are not satisfied with our products or services after buying, then you can claim money within 30 days period. We want you to have enough time to explore our products.


When you eligible for Refunds

Please follow these instructions for Refund Eligibility :

  • Make the refund request within 30 days of the product or service buying date.
  • We make it ensure its products have not been used too much and not reworked behind the originality.
  • You have to supply a logical cause to request cashback because we want to understand our lackings so that we are in the future we can improve our products.
  • If has any more terms & conditions or another moneyback policy on products then those get priority.

Not Eligible for refunds

  • Don’t want it after purchase.
  • you think the Product will not fulfill your expectations and it is low quality.
  • Change of your mind.
  • Bought the product by mistake.
  • You don’t have enough skills to use this product.
  • Fail to provide any logic to claim a refund.

How to process the cashback policy

First, you have to contact our support team through, and please provide your order information with a proper explanation of your dismay. The Tentaz support team tries to preview your request and come back with a Possible Solution as soon as.


Payback Process

If your refund request is accepted, then our team will process your refund through the payment system which you used for buying. Keep in mind it will take some time to reflect the money amount on your account.


Which Items are NON-Refundable?

Tentaz always tries to serve the best customer service. We try to make cashback on every product, but sometimes it’s not applicable. Those include:


Services:  UI UX design, web development, digital marketing, and custom-made software are generally not refundable. Because we consult with our clients before and after work with their requirements, and before the satisfaction of our clients we don’t deliver products or services.


Promotional offers: We don’t accept refund quires if the products you purchase are from any discount or promotional offers.


Client pleasure is our main goal

Tentaz team is always ready to make you satisfied with their products, services, and after-sales services. we work regularly to make the best performance and try to give value to our customer feedback every single time because it will make improve our products & services.


If have any queries about our refund policy or need any support from our team, please contact us without any hesitation. The Tentaz team is always ready to provide the best customer service.


[ Please Noted: This policy will be changed anytime without any notice. For the best experience see the latest refund policy before any purchase.]

Recall it, Tentaz tries to provide the best experience to their consumer and treat them as family members.


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