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Facebook marketing services help you build your online business, increase your brand
awareness, perfect lead collection, improve revenue-driving, and make an
effort to better rank on search engines. So, start your Facebook marketing with
Tentaz to catch the biggest world market.

Work with a Facebook marketing company that knows all about Facebook marketing and holds a track record of supporting businesses to achieve results on social media. Our proficient Facebook marketing services will be quickly scaled up and take you to a fast growth zone.

Tentaz has an adept team of dedicated social media professionals and creative innovators to design and deliver effective Facebook advertising campaigns for SaaS, e-commerce, and technology companies as a Facebook marketing agency.

Our Skills

A part of digital marketing is a Facebook marketing. Tentaz have a strong team with the full effort of client demand. We provide full stack Facebook marketing.

Facebook Promotion
Paid Promotion
Graphic Design
  • Facebook Copywriting
  • Banner Design
  • Ads Optimization
  • Generate Hashtags
  • Etc.

We are committed to delivering superior service by delivering support to our clients. We have a reliable account manager, familiar with social media marketing and will guide you.

Our support group includes a web developer/designer, an analyst, and a trustworthy professional writer. You can access Tentaz’s analysis software for more data and better results.

Today, Facebook is a great social network for business. Tentaz can assist your company in achieving better results in Facebook advertising and marketing. Get a higher ROI (return on investment) by taking help from a Facebook marketing agency. We aim to be the world’s best social media and internet marketing company based on data and analysis!

It’s inconceivable to succeed on Facebook without proper strategies, and unfortunately, many companies initiate posting on their behalf without a plan of action. Our is results-driven, and we tailor our services to your impact. 

We implement strategies to build large followings and get involved in your business from day one. We have the lowest investment requirements for Facebook ads because we understand you won’t get the growth you want without them. If you need a partner who cares about you, we’re the right one.

Facebook Marketing offers various organic posts and targeted paid ads that allow brands to get their services and products to a vast audience. As Facebook has evolved over the last decade, it has become the most popular social media platform to one of the most potent markets.

Why Use Facebook Marketing Service?

You may communicate with your audience through social media, email, messengers, search engines, and SMS and online push alerts. Consider the following factors when deciding whether or not your company should use Facebook:

Worldwide Reach

More than 1.5 billion people access Facebook every day and every month, and the number is around 2,3 billion. This large audience is shown adverts from more than 7 million different firms every day.

Pays for Highly Targeted Ads 

With Facebook Ads, you may reach a particular audience based on gender, age, geography, employment, hobbies, or other demographic or behavioral data that people freely disclose with Facebook.

Organic Reach

Creating connections organically via sharing content that people find valuable on your Facebook page makes using Facebook Ads unnecessary if you don’t have the money to do so. It will be challenging to grow an audience organically on Facebook with so much competition.

Integrations with Various Marketing Channels

It is likely to integrate Facebook with other marketing channels since it’s not a single system. You may use it in conjunction with other forms of advertising, including email, mobile, search engine, and Facebook Messenger advertisements, to broaden the reach of your business.

How does it work?

Our focus here will be on the benefits of utilizing Facebook as part of your marketing plan. This platform may help you do more than just contact a large number of people.

Target Specific Audience

Demographic targeting allows you to target a specific group of people based on their characteristics, such as their age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, or place of employment. 

You may hunt for clients based on their preferences for entertainment, sports, and hobbies. You may also target clients in many ways, such as based on their purchasing habits, intent, device use, etc.

Enhance visitors

You may access your website straight from this platform. Furthermore, since the targeted audiences are already familiar with your business, these visitors will find you again if you slip onto your site by chance. Encourage your followers to check out your website to learn more about what you provide! 

Ads in various styles 

Businesses may use Facebook to their advantage by showcasing their goods from the most flattering perspectives. Text and image ads are both accepted on this site. 

Create an ad to display your behind-the-scenes work, a slideshow of your latest collection, or a carousel ad to show a few goods with links to their sites to enhance your post.

Customer service

Connecting with brands on social media is a popular choice for many. Create a Facebook Messenger chatbot that responds to users’ common questions or “keywords.” “Price,” “delivery,” “payment choices,” “buy,” “book,” and so on are examples of possible terms. 

Competitor Analysis

  • Conduct market research on your industry and services.
  • Find local competitors that your audience currently outnumbers.
  • Analyze content and posts that perform well in the industry.

Create Social Campaign

  • Explore high-quality content with the audience.
  • Post and schedule recurring posts.
  • Monitor interaction and engagement.

Create Data-Paid Social Campaigns

  • Create custom audience types to target your business and brand better.
  • Create text and images for highly effective social media ads.
  • Share ad copy.
  • The report paid advertising on social media.

Monitoring The Social Campaign

  • Follow the audience and get in touch.
  • Participation rate monitoring.
  • Track click-through leads and rates.
  • Track the ROI of your paid social media campaigns

Manage Paid and Organic Social Campaign

  • Manage and customize each campaign.
  • Track customer engagement and interaction
  • Track loyalty, leads, and campaign sales
  • Build your audience through the right social channels

Advanced Email Strategies

  • Marketing automation
  • Email for customer retention

Globally, Facebook has over a billion users. That’s why companies take Facebook marketing seriously. For more than seven years, around a hundred companies across our country have chosen Facebook as their marketing source. 

Our Marketing Services will increase your brand awareness, reach more consumers, and develop brand and consumer love. We have a unique design for your business’s success. 

Tentaz is a great Facebook marketing company with all kinds of Facebook marketing services in the country. We deliver the most efficient Facebook marketing campaign. 

With our help, many brands get a solid social media site. We provide Facebook marketing to help you add value to your brand online. Our Services will help you connect with the targeted audience in the country

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