Common Ways How to Find a Unique Name for a Business

how to find a unique name for a business

Doing business is really hard you need lots of stuff before starting a business. But do you know what is harder than starting a business? You might guess it! To pick a perfect, branding and suitable name for your business. Finding a name is one of the most important things for a company. This article will guide you on how to find a unique name for the business you going to start. Also some basic information about how you can generate name ideas with various tools. 

Finding a unique name for your business can be challenging, but it’s important to choose a name that will help your business stand out and be memorable. Here are some steps to follow to find a unique name for your business.

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Importance of Attractive Business Name?

The importance of a business name is uncountable. Mostly It will be easy to find your brand and identity it. Also, the customer’s first attraction will be your business name and help to remember your product or brand. So, some of the main reasons why we need an attractive business name are:

Importance of Attractive Business Name


Criteria of a Successful brand: Quality Product, Service, Advertising, customer relation and many more. If you want to build Successful Brand then you have to focus to choose a perfect brand name. Because a business name can support the development of your brand identity.


In a crowded marketplace, an attractive business name can help differentiate your business from competitors. It can help you stand out and communicate what makes your business unique.


A well-chosen business name can lend professionalism to your business. It can make you appear more established and credible, which can help build trust with customers.

Marketing and Advertising: 

An attractive business name can make your marketing and advertising efforts more effective. A catchy name can help your business be more memorable and easily recognized in advertisements, social media, and other marketing channels.

Legal Protection: 

Choosing a unique and attractive business name can help protect your brand legally. By trademarking your business name, you can prevent competitors from

Some Process: How to Find a Unique Name for a Business

There is plenty of ways to generate your business name without using any online business name idea generator. This is the process that always helps you get a unique and uncommon name. In this article, I am about to show all the manual ways to find a name for your business.

Here is an idea book which has 15 ideas for you to create a brand name with a proper example. So, without further due, let’s find all the possible ways to create an attractive business name idea.

Some Process How to Find a Unique Name for a Business

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1. Using acronyms

A common method for naming a company is to use a set of initials. Several large corporations shorten their complete names into abbreviations because it’s simpler to remember. Consider the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) or United Parcel Service (UPS) this type of name.

Importance of Attractive Business Name

Using acronyms for a business name can be a good way to create a unique and memorable brand name, as long as the acronym is easy to remember and has a clear connection to the business’s products or services.

2.  Mash-Ups Creation

One of the most creative ways to generate outstanding business name ideas is to do a mash-up. Think about two or three terms that are significant to both you and your business. Can they possibly be incorporated, whether partially or fully? A few well-known examples are TripAdvisor, Evernote (from the words “forever” and “note”), and Netflix (from the words “internet” and “flicks”). A name like “Godaddy,” with only three syllables, makes it immediately obvious that you’re opening a business that specialized in salads-to-go.

3. Using Foreign Words

Using a non-native language is another imaginative method of generating business name suggestions. Foreign words can be a unique and powerful method to stand out in a crowded market, but they can also be problematic if the target audience does not understand the meaning of the word. It might be a tea store with a Japanese name or a hair salon with a French name.

4. Place or Location Related

There is also a way to name your business as the name of any place or location that represents your business plot or area. For example, we have all heard of “Amazon” That name comes from the world’s largest river because Amazon gives delivery products all over the world. That also suits it quite well. Also, KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken) owner started his business from his home in Corbin, Kentucky which is why he kept that name for his business.

So, you can pick a name like this that can be related to your business. Also, can be understood what is its main purpose.

5. Use Your Name

While there is the easiest way to you can give your business your name. We can see many famous brands has a personal name like McDonald’s one of the famous fast food brand which was opened by Siblings Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1398.

You can try to use your name which could be your surname or your given name that can tell the story of your business. So, don’t worry about using your name if you have a unique name or that name didn’t use in any brands before otherwise, you can not select the name for your business. That is why you need to do lots of research for it.

6. Merging Partner Company

Another common and popular naming system is merging company names. It has a basic example like Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Flim Corporation merged so their name changed to 20th Century Fox. 

Additionally, if your business is company based and you have partners so you can merge your name into something more attractive and incredible. However, make sure that name you merge is easy and meaningful. Otherwise, People will not accept them warmly and your main customers are general people.

7. Using  Symbols.

Using symbols for your business name can be a creative way to create a unique and visually striking brand identity. Symbols can help to communicate the essence of your brand concisely and memorably and can be particularly effective for brands that have a strong visual or design focus.

Also, it’s essential to ensure that your symbol is easily recognizable and not overly complex or confusing. Your symbol should be relevant to your brand and communicate the right message to your target audience. You may also want to consider how your symbol will look across different marketing materials, such as social media profiles, business cards, and signage.

One potential benefit of using symbols is that they can help your brand to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors. Symbols are relatively uncommon in the world of business and can help to create a distinctive brand identity.

8. Descriptive Business Name.

A descriptive business name communicates the nature or purpose of your business. This type of name can be particularly effective for small businesses or startups looking to build brand recognition and establish themselves in their industry. Take 7-Eleven as an example; their name immediately conveys the unique selling point of their company (they are open daily from 7 AM to 11 PM).

A descriptive name can help potential customers quickly understand what your business does, which can be especially important if you operate in a crowded or competitive market. For example, a landscaping company might choose a name like “Green Thumb Landscaping” or “Beautiful Gardens” to convey their services.

9. Using Latin Names.

One potential benefit of using Latin names is that they can help your business to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors. Latin names are relatively uncommon in the world of business and can help to create a distinctive brand identity.

However, it’s important to ensure that your Latin name is appropriate and culturally sensitive. Some Latin names may have negative or controversial connotations, so it’s important to do your research and seek feedback from trusted advisors.

Ultimately, the most important factor in choosing a business name is ensuring that it accurately represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Whether you choose to use a Latin name or option for a more traditional approach, it’s important to carefully consider the potential impact and implications of your decision.

Maybe you thought Latin class in school was a waste of time…but what if you could use your learnings to craft a name for your business? This language is a great source for business name ideas, like Volvo (“I roll”) and Acer (“sharp,” “able”). Choose a word in Latin that represents your business, like Luxus for a luxury retail brand or Sanus for a health-food store.

10. Names after products

Naming your business after a product can be an effective way to create a strong brand identity and communicate the essence of your business to potential customers. This approach can be particularly effective if your product is already well-known or has a strong reputation in your industry.

For example, a company that specializes in coffee might choose a name like “Java Joe’s” or “Brewed Awakening” to communicate their focus on coffee. Similarly, a company that sells handmade soaps might choose a name like “Lather & Co.” to convey their product offering.

11. Using Abbreviate.

Using abbreviations for your business name can be a good option if you have a long or complex name that may be difficult for customers to remember or pronounce. Abbreviations can also be useful if you want to create a more modern or streamlined brand identity.

Moreover, please be ensure that your abbreviation is easily recognizable and not overly confusing or ambiguous. You may need to conduct market research or test your abbreviation with a focus group to ensure it resonates with your audience and accurately reflects your brand.

12. Tweak the spelling.

Tweaking the spelling of your business name can be a way to create a unique and distinctive brand identity. This approach can help your business to stand out and differentiate itself from competitors, particularly in crowded or competitive markets.

For example, you might choose to spell your name phonetically, using a different letter or combination of letters to create a unique sound. Alternatively, you could add or remove letters, use a different spelling of a word, or combine words to create a new name.

such as Reebok, which took its name from the African antelope known as the “rhebok.”

13. Tell your story.

a business name that tells your story can be a powerful way to connect with your audience and create a meaningful brand identity. This may involve incorporating personal or meaningful elements into your name, such as your name, the story behind your business, or a reflection of your brand’s values or mission.

One benefit of telling your story through your business name is that it can help to create a sense of authenticity and trust with your audience. By sharing your personal story or values, you can build a deeper connection with your customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

When choosing a name that tells your story, it’s important to ensure that it accurately reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. This may involve conducting market research, testing your name with a focus group, or seeking feedback from trusted advisors.

One of the popular examples of this is Virgin(Soda brand) the founders’ way of saying they were completely new to the business was born this way.

14. Mix Things Up

Mixing things up for your business name can be a creative way to stand out and create a memorable brand identity. This can include combining two unrelated words, using a pun or play on words, or creating a unique spelling or pronunciation.

One benefit of mixing things up is that it can help your brand to be more distinctive and memorable, which can be particularly useful in crowded markets. However, it’s important to ensure that your name is still easy to remember and pronounce, as overly complex or convoluted names may not resonate with your audience.

When choosing a mixed-up name, it’s also important to consider any potential negative connotations or unintended meanings that may arise. Conducting thorough research and testing your name with a focus group or survey can help to identify any potential issues before they become a problem.

15. Using Dictionary Words

Using dictionary words for your business name can be a good option as it allows your brand to have a clear and easily understandable name that is familiar to your audience. Additionally, using dictionary words can help with search engine optimization as people often search for specific words when looking for a business or product.

However, using dictionary words can also make it difficult to stand out from competitors, as many other businesses may have similar names. It’s important to consider adding unique elements to your name, such as a catchy tagline or a play on words, to make it more memorable and distinctive.

16. Business Name-Generating Tools

There are several business name-generating tools available online that can help you come up with a unique and memorable name for your business. Here are some of the most popular name-generator tools for you:

Business Name-Generating Tools

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1. NameMesh – 

NameMesh is one of the best and most popular AI tools that generate business names for you. This tool generates names based on keywords, using different techniques such as blending, tweaking, and rhyming. So, you can use it if you have zero ideas for your business name.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator – 

This next tool uses a combination of keywords and modifiers to generate unique and creative business names. Most business websites now used Shopify because it is best for e-commerce-based websites. And this platform also gives an opportunity to generate a free business name with Shopify. Also new company name ideas.

If your company website is made with Shopify you don’t need to worry at all. It will give you the best suggestion for your business name. 

3. BrandBucket –

If you are looking for a domain and business name then BrandBucket is at your service. This tool generates brand names based on keywords and allows you to filter results based on domain availability and price. 

4. Naminum – 

Looking for an AI tool that generates business names using a combination of keywords and syllables, providing a list of available domain names. You can use Naminum this website suggests your business name and domain related to your business by locating the combinations of your company keywords.  

5. Namelix

Finally, In our AI Business name generator tool is Namelix. Just give him your business keywords and AI will create some business name for your company. And it says it is the best for start-up businesses.

So, these are the top 5 AI tools which you can use for your business name ideas. Also, recommend you check as many as possible before selecting a name. And as I mentioned before researching is essential before giving a name to your company. 

Lastly, always remember to choose a business name that is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell, and make sure that it aligns with your brand values and mission.

Pick The Perfect Name For Your Business 

Apart from the processes given above, there are several other processes that you can follow like as:


Write down a list of terms and phrases that best represent your company and what it does. Consider what distinguishes your company from its rivals and what makes it special. While choosing a name for your company, think about the feelings you want to arouse in prospective clients.

Research from Online: 

Investigate prospective company names using tools and resources available online. Verify the availability of social media handles and domain names to make sure the name you select is usable on all platforms. To avoid selecting something that is too similar to its competitors, look up their names.

Easy To Memories: 

Make sure your name is simple to pronounce and remember. To avoid confusing potential clients, avoid using words or phrases that are complex.

Reflect Your Business: 

Your company name should convey the character and principles of your brand. Take into account how the name will work with your website’s layout, logo, and general branding approach.

Feedback From Members: 

Get opinions from friends, family, and prospective consumers after you’ve reduced your list of potential names. While making a choice, seek out their candid input and take it into account.

Always keep in mind that picking a distinctive name for your company is a crucial part of developing your brand and luring clients. Take your time, do your research, and pick a name that you believe accurately describes your company.

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Final Thought

There are several brands with different names roaming around us. Some are really popular some are less but still they are known to most people. That is why you need to be very careful choosing a name for your business. For that, unique Business name ideas. But keep in head that the brand name needs to be easy to remember, related to your business, Simple to understand and can be used as a universal brand.

For more business-related information or any type of quarry just comment below and we will sure to give you more information.

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