10 Best HTML Templates For E-Commerce

Best HTML Templates For ECommerce

Planning for a new and improved e-commerce site that can highlight your business then here I will help you by suggesting some 10 Best HTML Templates for Ecommerce also I am going to share some steps that will give you some ideas on how easily can you pick your HTML templates for your business.

Simple HTML templates for e-commerce are the foundation of an effective online store. However, constructing a website from scratch might seem difficult and even impossible if you’ve never done it before or have little technical knowledge. For whatever eCommerce platform you choose to construct your shop on, there are a ton of website templates (both free and premium) readily available. The eCommerce website templates we’ve featured in this post will make constructing your greatest online storefront enjoyable and simple, regardless of the style of design, you’re looking for—sleek and minimalist, rustic and shabby chic, bold and edgy, or everything in between.

10 HTML E-commerce Templates

Now is the moment to see the 10 best HTML templates for e-commerce and I recommend the below templates which can be easy, affordable, and user-friendly to all. Hope these 10 template options will help you to decide what you need and which one can be perfect for your website.

1. Elena which is the Best HTML Templates For eCommerce

Elena is an outstanding design concept for the website of fashion, electronics, pets, fabric, accessories, white, and many more industries. Elena is a completely responsive, multipurpose e-commerce HTML5 Template. It includes all the necessary internal pages for your service or business to attract potential consumers, along with three elegantly designed home versions.

This template supports all current browsers and devices and is customizable. Both individuals with no programming experience and experienced developers can utilize it.

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2. Porto e-commerce HTML Template

Porto e-commerce HTML template

The best e-commerce HTML template is called Porto eCommerce. It provides all the tools and functionality needed to build a very quick, responsive online store with fantastic UI and UX. You may build your specialty store using one of the 20+ example layouts and contemporary design-based skins. Using the Porto eCommerce HTML template, you may cut down on design expenditures and avoid pricy web development.

3. Nest HTML Bootstrap 5. x Template

Nest HTML Bootstrap 5. x template

Nest is a stylish HTML Bootstrap 5. x template created specifically for multipurpose stores like supermarkets, grocers, organic stores, and online shops that sell goods like beverages, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, paste, herbs, juice, meat, cold drinks, sausages, cocktails, soft drinks, and cookies.

4. Wokiee E-commerce HTML Template

Wokiee e-commerce HTML template

The excellent e-commerce HTML template is WOKIEE. It will be the ideal answer for your present or future online store. It offers all the necessary tools and modules to build really quick responsive websites with fantastic UX. A wide range of varied layouts and styles enable the creation of various buildings that can be tailored to any particular need. With the help of the WOKIEE eCommerce HTML template, you may cut back on costly site development and design expenses.

5. The7 HTML Templates

The7 HTML templates

The7 is a popular WordPress theme that provides a range of customization options for websites, including a large number of HTML templates. The HTML templates in The7 allow users to create custom pages for their websites that are not tied to the theme’s core functionality. They can be used to create landing pages, sales pages, portfolio pages, and more, with complete control over the design and content of the pages. To use the HTML templates in The7, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as familiarity with the WordPress platform.

6. Foxic HTML5 Bootstrap E-Commerce Template

Foxic HTML5 Bootstrap eCommerce template

Foxic is a versatile HTML 5 bootstrap E-commerce template that includes approximately 50 more pages in addition to 16 pre-made home page layouts. Furthermore, this template has a variety of category store websites for clothing, accessories, footwear, handbags, sports, Nutrition, and many more.

Finally, this HTML template is quite simple to change the code to fit your needs. But unfortunately, it takes much more loading time than otherwise, you can pick this Foxic for your new E-commerce business.

7. Electro E-commerce WordPress Theme

Electro e-commerce WordPress theme

Electro is a popular e-commerce WordPress theme that includes a number of pre-designed HTML templates. These templates can be used to create custom pages for an online store, such as product listings, product detail pages, and shopping cart pages, among others. The HTML templates in Electro are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and are designed to work seamlessly with the theme’s e-commerce functionality. To use the HTML templates in Electro, you’ll need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as familiarity with the WordPress platform. By using these templates, you can create a custom e-commerce website that is tailored to your specific needs and brand identity.

There are 46 HTML files and 8 Header Styles in the template.

Additionally, it has 7 entirely different Homepages with 8 possible headers. It is quite simple to transfer any material from one homepage to another.


  • created with the given Bootstrap SASS files
  • Block-by-block breakdown of the SASS files
  • Highly Customizable and Fully Responsive

8. Optimal Versatile HTML Template

Optimal versatile HTML template

The greatest versatile HTML template you’ve ever seen, Optimal delivers an eye-catching, fashionable appearance as well as unique functionality. It was created using Bootstrap 5. x framework. The template’s sections may be completely customized to meet your needs. We are delighted to proclaim that “optimal” is more than simply a theme. It is an effective design tool with all the features you want to be successful in the internet market today. All the tools you want are included in Optimal, including powerful product filters, predictive search, configurable sections, and many others.

It includes all the necessary internal pages for your service or business to attract consumers, as well as 24+ elegant-looking home versions. Awesome project styles, a minimalistic design, a coming soon page, a contact part with a functional form, and much more are all at your disposal.

9. Kalles HTML

The4.co, an Envato Elite author, produced the Kalles HTML version based on the Kalles Shopify version. It is designed in clean code and is simple for developers who wish to construct their projects while still utilizing exceptional features and an attractive appearance.

Kalles HTML

Kalles is the only eCommerce HTML template you’ll need, regardless of what you’re offering, to build a strong online store that will provide your customers with a straightforward buying experience. Kalles is created with a contemporary, minimalist vibe and a variety of unique demonstrations for a variety of various online merchants. Make it simple for your clients to browse, select, and buy your products by stylishly displaying them.

Nothing beats Kalles for simplicity, innovation, and affordability.

10. E-Trade E-commerce Template

A straightforward, incredibly adaptable, and simple-to-use eCommerce template for WooCommerce is eTrade. It was created for building incredibly useful online stores for things like clothing, cosmetics, business, electronics, food, furniture, jewelry, jewelry repair, and retail.

E-Trade eCommerce template

We evaluated our HTML template to make sure it adjusts to whichever device your users are reading it on, whether it is a laptop, mobile, or tablet, to make sure it satisfies your strict standards!

How do You Pick The Right Templates For You?

This is a basic and most common question that everybody had on their mind and people should think before buying. Suppose, you want to a market and you just buy things did not look like the quality of the product’s texture and finally, you have to face lots of problems because of that.

In the same way, before buying a template for your website you need to be more careful and look for the below list:

Find Out Your Need:

Before choosing a template, identify the purpose of the document you want to create. Is it a resume, a business proposal, or a newsletter? This will help you narrow down the types of templates that are suitable for your needs.

Look For suitable Templates That Match Your Business Type: 

There are many websites that offer templates for various types of documents. You can start by searching for templates on websites such as Canva, Microsoft Office, or Google Docs.

Consider your brand: 

If you’re using a template for business purposes, consider whether the template aligns with your brand. Choose a template that matches your brand colors, font, and style.

Easy Customization options: 

Look for templates that offer customization options. This will allow you to adjust the template to your liking and make it unique to your needs.

User-friendly Template or Easy To Understand: 

Choose a template that is easy to use and understand. A complicated template may end up being more frustrating than helpful.

Reviews and feedback Checking: 

Check out reviews and feedback from other users who have used the template before. This will give you an idea of whether the template is suitable for your needs.


Ensure that the template is compatible with the software you are using. For instance, if you are using Microsoft Word, choose a template that is compatible with Word.

Finally, take your time when choosing a template, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different options until you find the right one for your needs.

Final Discussion

Building a strong online storefront that draws the customers you need is more crucial than ever as eCommerce continues to gain popularity and new businesses join the ranks of online stores that are already widely used on the internet. You may quickly and simply build a high-performing, eye-catching, unique online shop for your eCommerce business using any of the eCommerce website templates we’ve included here.

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