11 Barbershop Promotion Ideas and Marketing Strategies

11 Barbershop Promotion Ideas and Marketing Strategies

Get the proper barbershop promotion ideas and 11 marketing strategies for barbershops to get more clients and get more well-known in the local area with Local SEO.

There comes a time when every barbershop must begin thinking creatively if they want to draw in new clients. There are only so many fliers and free haircuts you can distribute in your neighborhood. You must experiment with fresh concepts if something isn’t working or you aren’t accomplishing your aims.

You may improve the customer experience and convert potential consumers into paying customers with the aid of sound marketing strategies and incentives. Most people think that barber shops don’t need to do their online promotion but an online promotion increases a shop’s sales as well as can see their customer’s reviews.

In this article we will give some incredible promotion ideas for barbershop local SEO Here are some suggestions for barbershop advertising to put in your business plan.

Why does Barbershop Need Local SEO?

As we all know days are changed now people went to that place that is famous or popular online and also buys products from branded or google top-rank shops this is the marketing plan for a barber shop. Because of this barber shops also need some local SEO to grab more clients and get famous in the area.

Actually, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) always guides the way to getting more traffic on google’s top rank. Also, reach to audience easily and people can easily locate the barbershop and get the nearest best barbershop in their area For the above effects, that is Why Local SEO Is Important For Small Businesses to grab local Clients and barbershop also a part of small business so, its also needs local SEO.

Barbershop 11 Major Promotion Ideas 

Presume, You have a small barbershop in Oakland, California but you want people to come to your shop however, you can’t go to individuals’ houses there this 11 top promotional ideas will come really handy for you. 

in this picture have Barbershop 11 Major Promotion Ideas 

Therefore, SEO can assist you to get good traffic also popularity in the city or local area. So, here are the 11 marketing ideas for a barber shop.

1. Get listed on online 

Immediately take action if you haven’t already. You will benefit from having your barbershop listed on Google My Business in more ways than you may imagine.

Get listed on online

To begin with, your company will appear as one of the search results when someone in your region types “barber shops near me” into Google. Additionally, it will be shown on Google Maps, which will make it much simpler for customers to locate your store.

To distinguish your neighborhood company, you may include barbershop reviews, pictures, a link to your website, etc. You may begin accepting reservations straight from Google My Business once you’ve claimed your local listing there using Reserve with Google (RwG).

Google’s RwG is a search and booking tool that enables potential customers to schedule a meeting with you using your GMB listing, Maps, and Search. Once you’ve been added to RwG, your profile will include a Book button that visitors may use to quickly and conveniently make an appointment.

2. Get Your Barbershop On Google Maps

Where do consumers look to find local services first? within Google Maps. Google Maps advertising for your barbershop is the most effective web strategy for drawing in local clients. This is without a doubt the most widely used barbershop marketing strategy, yet only a small percentage of barbers utilize it to its fullest extent.

Get Your Barbershop On Google Maps

For someone looking for a barbershop on Steinway Street, the Google search results look like this:

Getting your barbershop listed on Google Maps may seem difficult or convoluted, but it’s really quite simple. Additionally, it costs nothing to list your barbershop company on Google Maps.

You must first register an account on the Google My Business page.

Simply said, Google My Business is where people add their businesses so that they may show up on Google Maps. After creating an account, all you need to do to add your barbershop to Google Maps is enter your company information and request verification. 

3. Create a website for your barber shop

Imagine someone finding your barbershop in a directory or on Google. They decide to study more about you and discover details like the services you provide, your costs, etc. after reading such positive evaluations. However, they are unable to locate this information elsewhere, leading them to search for a different barbershop.

Create a website for your barber shop

Does it sound bad? There is a strong probability that this may be the case with you if you don’t currently have a website. Every company today has to have an internet presence where customers can learn more about them (particularly during the epidemic). In addition, linking to your website will make all of your online barber shop advertising strategies more effective.

Your website should be appealing and aim to communicate your vision via its design and content because it is one of your potential customers’ initial points of contact with your company. These are a few methods you might use to set up your website, depending on your needs and how much time you want to invest in it.

4. Have an Online Booking System

Giving your customers the option to reserve your barber services online is a fantastic barbershop marketing concept. Customers are eager to use online and advance booking services.

Have an Online Booking System

Because they can reserve a seat for themselves, you’ll delight your clients. As customers can view your open time slots in real-time, you will also book more appointments.

Without having to call or message you, it merely makes it simpler for people to identify and reserve a time window that works for them. This is the ideal barbershop marketing concept because of this. because it relieves the burden associated with scheduling and customer management while also assisting in the expansion of your barber shop.

5. Get Positive Reviews/Leverage your top reviews to attract more customers

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t invite your consumers to evaluate your company online. You will benefit from positive evaluations of your store on Google, Facebook, or Yelp in a number of ways.

Get Positive Reviews Leverage your top reviews to attract more customers

First of all, it has credibility from a third party. Speaking up about how fantastic your services are is one thing, but it’s quite another when your clients are the ones doing the praise. Since customers are accustomed to hearing about how amazing a company’s services are, bragging about them won’t make you stand out from the competition.

In fact, exaggerating your excellence may be grating and may come across as spammy. However, new consumers react differently when your existing customers praise their positive experiences. It appears more sincere.

Additionally, it aids with SEO. Once more, it is simpler to identify your company the more material you share on your website and the more other media outlets or blog sites mention it. In order to increase your visibility and learn what additional procedures or services need to be enhanced in your barbershop, collecting favorable evaluations is a MUST.

6. Start video marketing for your barber shop

A common error that organizations make when it comes to video marketing is spending a lot of money on it. Even if you want to publish on social media, there is no need for pricey equipment or elaborate lighting for novices on the first day.

Instead, a straightforward video taken on your smartphone will appear more genuine and will cost you nothing. You should absolutely give educational and product review films a try as they are two of the most common sorts of movies in the barber industry. These videos reveal new hairstyles and how to apply them.

Start video marketing for your barber shop

Furthermore, you may publish movies that depict a regular day at the barbershop. According to a 2017 poll, consumers are highly engaged by films that provide a peek behind the scenes at a company. Additionally, since there is typically no unintended advertising in them, they appear more genuine. The issue of which platform to use for video marketing also comes up.

Facebook and YouTube are the most popular video marketing platforms, according to the same report. However, the use of TikTok and Instagram reels for barbershop marketing has increased recently.

7. Use emails and SMS to reach your target audience

Reaching out to new potential customers with email and text message marketing is easy, efficient, and reasonably priced. SMS marketing is an excellent technique to reach a broad audience because of this. And when it comes to emails, it’s estimated that 91% of customers use their cell phones to check their inboxes at least once every day. Due to its many additional advantages, email and Internet advertisements must be a component of your barber shop marketing plan in addition to reaching a huge audience.

Use emails and SMS to reach your target audience

By sending out regular emails and keeping in touch with your existing consumers, you may gradually increase trust and loyalty. These emails may include promotions, company information, or even just catching up emails.

In order to increase traffic, email and SMS may complement and connect with other channels like social media. For instance, you may email clients a reminder to see your most recent pertinent video. A CTA that is emphasized in an email should be included to encourage recipients to schedule a meeting with you. Contrarily, a text message should be brief and provide a link to your website or booking gateway.

8. Social Media Marketing for Barbers

The main target for any service-giving business is how to attract customers to a barber shop. Social media plays here really vital role here. Even while it’s arguably one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote a barbershop, it’s also quite big and you’ll need to invest a lot of time to build a following.

Social Media Marketing for Barbers

I advise looking through The Barber’s Guide to Social Media, a resource produced by the National Association of Barbers because it is such a significant and extensive topic.

9. Improve your reach by networking

Being a part of a network of like-minded individuals is helpful in any line of employment. Your skill set may be improved, you’ll stay informed about business trends and news, and your brand will grow as a result. Additionally, you might brainstorm and develop a number of fresh concepts for barbershop promotions. You may sign up with online barber groups on LinkedIn or Facebook to get started. Reddit is a useful forum for conversations as well.

Improve your reach by networking

You may participate in various regional business networking organizations than barber groups. You will be able to comprehend your neighborhood and its residents better as a result. Additionally, you may do business with new people this way, and you can even begin a collaboration with a local company.

Attend various barber events, contests, and workshops whenever you can, and never forget to bring your barbershop business card. You can encounter a variety of professionals with new ideas and distinctive approaches just by attending an event.

10. Create a Logo For Your Barbershop

Without a logo, barbershop marketing is nonexistent. Building recognition and trust need logos. Effective logos have a strong symbolic linkage that is linked to people’s memories.

You might be asking how to obtain a logo if you don’t already have one. The simplest solution would be to hire a designer, but logos don’t have to be pricey, and hiring a designer may be rather expensive. The drawback is that you cannot be certain that the freelancer you are engaging for the position is a qualified designer.

Logo For Your Barbershop

You may create a barbershop logo for free by yourself. It’s extremely easy and only requires a few minutes. Although there are many tools available, not all of them let you download your logo in high resolution for nothing. For printing, you’ll need high-resolution files.

Here I wanted to provide you with the greatest barbershop marketing advice possible in this post. a user-friendly, totally free logo builder with true contemporary logo designs.

11. Creative and Advancing Content or Blog for the website

Now people want to know about a business before buying or taking services and there is no better option except content or a blog on the website. Creative content can take it on the 1st page of google. And with the best keyword-selecting content can get high traffic. Now every type of profession and service needs a website that contains multiple contents for instance: SEO for Medical Professionals or services like selling plumbing services and many more. 

So, Creative and advancing content can make a good review of a service or profession.

Advantages of Local SEO with Barbershop Promotion Ideas

Every small business now needs a good boost for getting known to all in the local area. Also whenever people need something they search on google or another search engine and select the one which is on top of the list or on the first page of the search engine. So, local SEO gives a guide to all small business holders to get known and get high traffic on any search engine. 

In this Picture Describe Advantages of Local SEO for Barbershops

In addition, Barbershops seems they don’t need local SEO but it’s wrong because it is also small business where the shop owner needs promotion and branding for that they give several offers to their client also some discounts so local SEO makes it much easier because people then start using social media and another place to see the best offer on google.

Local SEO’s main advancement:

  • To get known to the local market.
  • People start to know about the barbershop near them.
  • Get good traffic on google.
  • Give the best experience in branding and promotion.
  • Can tell people about new offers and discounts.
  • Can make useful videos to aware people 
  • Also can make a comment and review area so people can review the barbershop

Also many advantages to a marketing plan for a barber shop. So, barbershops will also know about SEO strategy for multiple locations where the owner can easily improve their business and highlight small businesses.


These suggestions ought to serve as an excellent starting point for some promotions for your barbershop. Of course, we can’t express how much we love barbershop karaoke. It’s a tool that will make your barbershop stand out from the competition and draw in more clients. Check out our Singa Business alternatives to get started if you’re ready to learn more.

Finally, every sector of career needs SEO to do promotion or advertisement because without promotion nobody will able to know the brand or business, or product. And the best place to do that advertisement is online, social media, and search engines where several people search for many things. So, SEO will help them to promote and create great traffic on google.

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